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I am a DPhil student at the University of Oxford but also a clinical lecturer in primary dental care at Queen Mary University of London. My supervisors are Prof. Trish Greenhalgh, Mr Derek Richards and Prof. Sharon Mickan.

The crux of my thesis is to understand better how research and other information or knowledge finds its way into the practice of primary care dentists. The reason is because the evidence suggests that the simplistic, linear methods of knowledge transfer don’t seem to work as well as was hoped. John Gabbay and Andree Le May showed in their ground breaking ethnographic studies of general medical practitioners (GMPs) that clinicians use many sources of knowledge or information as they build what they termed the GMPs’ internal mindlines.

So I want to understand more about the dynamics of the knowledge encounters for general dental practitioners. Where do they encounter new knowledge? What is that new knowledge? Who is conveying it? Do they tend to be influenced more by knowledge conveyed by particular people?

By understanding these movements of knowledge into practice I hope that we can ultimately design methods to help facilitate the diffusion of relevant research and clinical expertise into practice that work with the flow rather than against it.

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