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Knowledge-in-practice: GDP participants sought for PhD study

11 GDPs kindly contributed their time and thoughts to help with my first study about knowledge encounters. My supervisor, Trish Greenhalgh, and I identified a number of recurring themes from the interviews that helped to demonstrate how complex knowledge-in-practice is. We have submitted an article describing these for publication to the Qualitative Health Research Journal and await reviewer comments.

Whereas the first study used participant records of knowledge encounters followed by interviews, the next study will seek to confirm or develop our findings by observing dentists as they practise and using these observations to stimulate reflection in interviews. We want to be able to characterize further what knowledge-in-practice is for GDPs in the moment of practising.

A couple of weeks ago I received ethics approval to begin the study and so am now hoping to recruit up to 10 GDPs with 5+ years of clinical experience working within 3 hours travel from London to take part. Dentists can be working in NHS, private or mixed practices.

What’s involved?

Dentists will choose a clinical session when they are happy to be video and audio recorded as they see their patients. Consent will be sought from patients and any member of staff who might be in the recordings (e.g. a nurse) prior to the clinical session. In this way, only patients and staff who are willing to be recorded will be.

IMG_20170512_094328On the chosen day I will set up a video camera and digital audio recorder in the clinic and when patients who have consented arrive I will press record and leave the clinic. The intention is to record everything that goes on and then, at a convenient time with the dentist watching the video, explore what knowledge means in the moment of practising as they interact with patients, staff and information (e.g. letters from specialists or consultants).

To reiterate, the intention is to explore the ways in which dentists’ knowledge develops in the moment of practising – not to make any judgement about how GDPs practise clinically.

All documentation relevant to the study, including the protocol, participant information sheets and ethics approval letter, are available in the Project Documents section.

Please do get in touch using the form below if you’d like to know more. Even if you live some way from London, where I am based, I am happy to travel some distance to record a willing participant!

All the best,


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