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Update and recruitment request for GDPs in London area

image008It’s been a while since I last posted. After the great response to my requests to participate in recording knowledge encounters I had a lot of really good data to analyze. And it’s taken some time to work through.

Key themes that have arisen from the work are the role of routines as repositories of knowledge, the way dentists constantly innovate as they practice (and so generate new personal knowledge) and the role of case-based reasoning in advancing their understandings.

The implications for me are that if research evidence is to find its way into the complexity of practice we need to firstly recognize that knowledge in practice is something much greater than just research knowledge and then to work out ways of helping integrate research evidence alongside all the other knowledge dentists build.

My next and final phase of research is going to video and audio record dentists, patients and staff for a whole clinical session at a time. Building on the ideas developed from the previous research, the idea is to observe the roles of routine, innovation and case-based reasoning as dentists build knowledge in practice. As it involves NHS patients this is now going through NHS ethics approval but I hope to begin recording the clinical sessions from March 2017 onwards.

If you are a GDP working in NHS, mixed or private practice in the London area, I would welcome the opportunity to record one of your clinical sessions and to interview you for no more than an hour soon after. Here is the participant information sheet  Participant information sheet I have submitted for ethics approval. Although the ethics committee may make some suggestions for changes this shouldn’t change it too much.

Please do get in touch if you might be interested using the form below or the email address on the information sheet.

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