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2 hours of verifiable CPD for dentists taking part in the knowledge encounters study

It is clear from the data recorded by participants, and the narrative interview that follows it, that the process of recording knowledge encounters encourages dentists to reflect on what they are doing, ask further questions and seek answers to knowledge gaps.

It is therefore clear that this is a planned learning activity for most participants as they use the web form tool to collect and reflect on the experiences and knowledge that they come across over the course of a week. The narrative interviews have thrown up further deeper consideration of how dentists learn and therefore how they might further their development of the knowledge they have encountered.

The GDC defines CPD in the following way:

CPD for dental professionals is defined as: lectures, seminars, courses, individual study and other activities, that can be included in your CPD record if it can be reasonably expected to advance your professional development as a dentist or dental care professional and is relevant to your practice or intended practice.

Participants use about an hour to do the web form training and, over a week, record their own knowledge encounters. They also spend up to an hour describing, reflecting and analysing their encounters for up to one hour during a narrative interview. Therefore, I think this will adequately fulfil the GDC’s requirements and enable participants to claim 2 hours of verifiable CPD once the interview is completed.

The learning outcomes for this exercise are therefore:

  • Participants will learn how to use a web-based tool to record and reflect on clinical knowledge encounters they have over the period of 1 week
  • They will reflect on what they intend to do with the new knowledge or experience in terms of using it conceptually, politically, instrumentally or not at all
  • Through a 1 hour narrative interview they will be encouraged to reflect on and analyse their encounters in greater depth

A requirement of the GDC is that all verifiable CPD providers encourage feedback as a quality assurance step and therefore participants will be asked to provide this using a brief web form.

Knowledge encounters feedback form

So now there’s even more reason to join in.

Have a great weekend.



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