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Some participant feedback

It is difficult to convey what I believe to be an easy and, hopefully, rewarding and reflective episode of data collection by dentists as they record their knowledge encounters.

So I was very pleased after an interview with one participant about the knowledge encounters he’d had the week before that he wrote a few words of reflection:

“Interesting, informative, easy to incorporate into a busy working day. Even a luddite like me found the tech a doddle.  Thoroughly recommended!”

This dentist, working in a busy practice, found it took less than a minute to record his knowledge encounters of which he recorded 2-3 per day for 7 days. The interview was held using Skype and used a narrative approach allowing him to talk through the knowledge encounter and anything of relevance around it. It was fascinating.

The data is rich and after just a few dentists recording knowledge encounters a new picture of knowledge creation and use is being described.

Thanks again to all those who have recorded their knowledge encounters and to those who have expressed an interest in doing so.



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