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Knowledge encounters study: early data

With participants now recording their knowledge encounters here is some really early data arising from 28 encounters recorded:

What 1 in 4 encounters involve codified knowledge in a personalised form – research, scholarly or practice based knowledge that is passed on by individuals.

About 1 in 5 encounters involved some form of process or policy knowledge

And a little less involved codified knowledge – directly encountering research, scholarly or practice based knowledge rather than it being passed through someone else

HowNearly 6 in 10 encounters were shared verbally with one quarter through writing. But some are encountering new learning visually and through internal reflection.

WhoDentists are getting their information and other new knowledge from all sorts of places. A third involve fellow practitioners and almost 1 in 5 involves their employer. 14% comes from researchers and 11% from educators. But patients and non-practitioner colleagues share knowledge with dentists too.

I’m really grateful to the many dentists in general practice who are contributing their time towards this study and helping to build a better picture of how dentists acquire and build their knowledge in practice. I am still recruiting and welcome anybody in practice in the UK to take part.

Dominic HurstIf you fancy having a go at recording some knowledge encounters have a go here.

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