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Web form usability testing

The web form that I have developed for this project is based on some theoretical work I did as part of a systematic review.

In brief, the research project will ask dentists to record as many of the times when they learn something new from information or an experience over three 7-day periods. I call these occasions “knowledge encounters” and I’ll ask some dentists to take part in 30 minute interviews to gain a deeper understanding of what the encounters meant to them.

The web form is designed to help dentists record the encounters and categorise them in 30-60 seconds.

I have used the form with some dentists but would like to recruit 5-10 willing participants to try it out and feedback on the experience.

Knowledge encounters on computer and phone

What would be involved?

  1. When you get in touch, I will assign you a personalised web form for a training exercise (see below) and for testing the form over a day or two.
  2. Before recording encounters with new information or experience, I would like participants to work through 5 simulated knowledge encounters online. These shouldn’t take more than a minute each to do.
  3. After that, I will ask you to use the web form either on your phone, tablet or computer to record the encounters you had over the course of a day – or more if you’re willing 🙂
  4. Finally, I will ask for your feedback via another web form. This is about usability testing – so I am looking to identify problems with using the web form.

I can’t offer much in return at this stage other than the pleasure of helping progress the science of evidence-based practice, but if you go on to take part in the study itself I will feedback your patterns of knowledge encounters.

You can find out more about the project here and get in touch via the contact form there too.



Dominic Hurst

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